Laying the groundwork for Kindergarten and beyond.

Merrimack PTA Pre-Kindergarten is an energetic, quality program offered to four year old children.  It uses a variety of hands on experiences to promote the cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical skills of each child. Our progressive curriculum and themed learning units explore early literacy, math, science, art, music, and motor development. Through our program, each child’s self-concept and independence are enhanced. We also bring a new level of community awareness to the classroom, helping each child learn that they are part of a larger community with classroom visitors such as the Amoskaeg Fishways.

Realizing that our program may be strenuous for children entering school for the first time, our program follows a “step up model,”  allowing three hours each day to start the school year and bumping the program to four hours each day in January. A typical day in our fours classroom encourages small and large group activities, name recognition skills, exposure to basic math concepts through EveryDay Math Curriculum, stories, finger plays, and much more. We also have a weekly music and movement program and a lending library program as well. This program helps to prepare each student academically and socially for their transition to Kindergarten.