The perfect primer for a life of learning.



The Merrimack PTA Kindergarten program is a unique, quality program offered to five and six year old children. It uses a variety of hands on experiences to promote the cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical skills of each child. Our progressive, carefully planned curriculum folllows the State of New Hampshire GLE’s (Grade Level Expectations).


Using the Fountas and Pinnell phonics program we focus on letter/sound recognition, pre-reading and reading skills. Good penmanship is pursued with the help of Writing Without Tears handwriting program for proper letter formation and by including writing in daily activities, crafts and projects such as: recording science experiments, traveling pet journals and book writing/illustrating. We also explore basic math concepts. As the year progresses, attention is focused on these programs as well as science, and social studies. Fine motor skills are developed through creative arts and crafts projects using a variety of mediums. Children also learn how to work as a member of a large group, follow directions, share and attain a positive self-image resulting in a smooth transition to first grade.


Our Kindergarten program includes many exciting field trips and on-site special events. A weekly lending library and a 30 minute Music and Movement class compliment our four hour, five day a week program. Throughout the year we welcome families to join us for special events: Parents/children project day, birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays and Spring Picnic, Mother’s Day celebration and Graduation.






Exploring Cultures

Around kindergarten age children’s interest expands beyond “what about me?” There is no limit to what they want to know. From our family, to our town, state, country, continent, earth and universe….. we learn and grow together!



Exploring Nature

Preschool is the age when children are most receptive to the environment, eager to explore their surroundings and understand why things are the way they are.  It is the age of “why?” that is awaiting answers, the age of wonder, the age of actions to see reactions, the time in one’s life when nature itself is the absolute teacher. The lessons that can be taken from nature are endless, beautifully attractive, and adjustable for different levels – wonderful tools to understand our world.



Kindergarten Graduation

By the time the children graduate from our school they will know that learning is a continuous, joyful experience and they will approach any new challenge with confidence and enthusiasm.