Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, Merrimack PTA Kindergarten and Preschool is governed and managed by an all-volunteer board comprised of our enthusiastic staff and committed parents, just like you. The following are our current board members:

Nicole Scione, Chairperson: Nicole is responsible for helping us to maintain our school and also helps to run our monthly board meetings. She is mom to two girls, one Pre-K student and a future student.

Nicole Castronovo, Publicity Agent: You may find Nicole taking photos during special events or just on an ordinary day. She is responsible for submitting articles to the local news and for the wonderful Facebook postings that you may see. Nicole is mom of Five children, one of our Kindergarteners and a Preschooler.

Amy Goodridge, Secretary: Amy keeps and distributes minutes of our monthly meetings, helps us to maintain accurate files at the school, and assists us in the annual update of our school documents. Amy is mom to twins in our preschool program.

Lisa Stern, Tuition Treasurer: It is Lisa’s task to assist our Treasurer in collecting payments and following up on late tuition payments. Lisa is mom to two children, one in our Kindergarten program and one in our Preschool program.

Rachel Ricker, Fundraising Coordinator:  is our fundraising coordinator.  She is responsible for helping to meet our yearly fundraising goals. This year our goal is to add some new playground equipment. Rachel is mom to a Kindergarten student and a future PTA student.

Lindsey Maye, Volunteer Coordinator: Lindsey is responsible for helping the teachers of PTA fulfill their volunteer needs. She is also responsible for coordinating our boxtops program. She is mom to a Pre-K student and a future PTA student.

We simply could not operate our school without these terrific volunteers!